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Contest Win for Haunted Serenade - NEST Paranormal Short Category

The Haunting of Harlem Continues In 2022

Always the Dead Between - October 2022



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10,000 Midnights Ago - January 2023


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In the meanwhile enjoy the first two books in the series

A Little In Love With Death,

Book Two of the Haunted Harlem series


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Book One of the Haunted Harlem series 

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Gothic Romance and Gotham

This vintage snapshot of Manhattan's skyline is my ideal gothic setting. I love the eerie atmosphere created by those white clouds kissing the blacks, whites and grays of impersonal steel, glass and concrete. For most people the Chrysler Building and the old Pan Am Building when it was the Pan Am Building aren't what they imagine when the word "gothic" comes to mind. For me no place offers a more perfect setting for the gothic novel which is "a description of a Fallen world." 

Horror, decay, temptation, and supernatural phenomena battle daily with delight, growth, redemption and earthly existence. These opposites fill the gothic landscape no matter what the setting. Manhattan, the outer boroughs, the suburbs and upstate counties beyond provide all the angst, mystery, brooding and happily-ever afters your gothic romance hungry heart desires. Check out the photos of My Gallery in the sidebar link for the urban settings I use in my gothic romance series.