Anna M. Taylor's Gothic Romance

Gothic Romance and My City: Gotham

Here is my ideal gothic setting: a vintage snapshot of an old Manhattan skyline. You read me right. There stands the Chrysler Building and along side it the old Pan Am Building when it was the Pan Am Building. Not exactly what most people imagine when the word "gothic" comes to mind. No crumbling castles. No windswept moors. But for me no place offers a more perfect setting for the gothic novel which is "a description of a Fallen world."

I love the eerie atmosphere created by those white clouds kissing the blacks, whites and grays of impersonal steel, glass and concrete.

On which floor of what skyscraper is a lawyer, business man, disgruntled employee plotting, scheming, seeking to use, manipulate, destroy for personal gain, pleasure, vengeance?

In what alley, on what street corner, above which subway station will my heroine confront the evil destined to change her life?

At what hour, with what action, by what force will my hero emerge and engage the demons separating him from his true self and the woman of his dreams?

Horror, decay, temptation, and supernatural phenomena battle daily with delight, growth, redemption and earthly existence. These opposites fill the gothic landscape no matter what the setting. Manhattan, the outer boroughs, the suburbs and upstate counties beyond provide all the angst, mystery, brooding and happily-ever afters your gothic romance hungry heart desires.

As a native New Yorker, I thrive on the gothic novel that is New York City. My vintage and contemporary stories take place in its African American communites: Harlem, Bed-Stuy, St. Albans, East New York. Although re-imagined in my story world, they're places I hope you will become intimately acquainted with as you and I become intimately acquainted.

So put your feet up. Peruse the pages of my newspaper. Enjoy news of my writing, my WIPs. Learn about New York's stranger than fiction real life gothic stories on my blog. Visit some wonderful gothic evoking sites. Do it all and do it often. Despite what you've heard even in all its gothic glory, New York is hospitality incarnate.

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